About the System

There are over 1,000 crew in this game. To excel, you need to focus on building the right crew. Ideally, you will be intimately in tune with your roster, and know exactly what you need to strengthen your crew. But again – how many crew are in this game?

It isn’t possible to be 100% objective, but CAB Ratings uses actual in-game stats whenever possible to give you a good idea of the Overall strength of the crew, and its strength in a variety of areas. The max score any crew can get in any category is 16 – and scores are adjusted dynamically for all crew as new crew are introduced into the game. 

Each crew is rated in 7 categories:

  • Voyages (Vo): This rating considers all possible voyage trait combinations for a crew, as well as Antimatter traits. Crew receives points based on raw power, as well as how they perform as compared to crew with the same skill sets.
  • Faction (Fa): This rating considers all possible skill combinations on shuttle seats, both generally and as compared to crew with the same skills.
  • Gauntlet (Ga): The Gauntlet rating looks at the average proficiency across all skills for each crew – both broadly and as compared to crew with the same skills. Traits are also considered – crew with a greater probability of possibly getting a 65% crit will see an increase in score.
  • Ship Battles (Sb): This rating explores a particular crew’s potential use in Arena battes and Fleet Boss Battles. Of all categories, this one involves the most subjectivity – I mean, how do you rate Instant Damage vs. Attack Speed in terms of bonuses? Crew rated highly in this category are worth taking a look at, but ultimately – the best crew for you will be the one that best fits the abilities of the ship you chose and the division/boss level you are running in.
  • Boss Battle Traits (Bt): This category looks at the traits each crew has, and scores them based on how common or rare they are in the game. Crew with high scores in this category have a lot of traits, and many of those traits aren’t very common among other crew. Having several of these crew in your quarters may save you merits the next time you are looking for the perfect crew to unlock a node.
  • Collections (Co): Collections equal bonuses and rewards. The more collection tiers you can unlock, the more powerful your entire roster will be.
  • Cadet Challenges (Ca): Common, Uncommon, and Rare Crew are also scored in this category, which considers rarity, qualifying traits, and skill level to determine how potentially useful that crew will be when trying to clear nodes in Cadet Challenges.

These scores are combined to produce an Overall (Ov) rating, evaluating a crew’s general overall power in the game.

Why should you use CAB Power Ratings, instead of other similar systems? Not the right question to ask. No system is perfect. However, if many systems are telling you a particular crew is good – it might be worth considering.

As with all such systems, this is just one way of looking at crew efficacy and should not be the only measure you use when deciding who to choose from a behold, who to cite, or who to pull out of the freezer.

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