About CAB

Cymru am Byth is a well-established, friendly, and stable fleet. Our Starbase (Lister Station) is level 134 (Maxed out) and we make earning the daily fleet bonuses a priority. In events, we consistently place in the top 50.

We do expect our fleet members to participate as fully as possible in exchange for the bonuses we all work hard to earn. So with that, we have a few requirements for joining:

  • You must be – at minimum – level 20.
  • Have a name other than “Captain.” You should be a daily player. Things happen, but we want our members to complete their dailies most days.
  • You are expected to make donations to the Starbase!
  • You are expected to join the fleet Discord server. You aren’t expected to be an active poster, but we do want a way to communicate better with our members, and make sure you are up to speed on events and strategies. (DB fleet chat sucks)
  • Have 3 Shuttles (a 4th is even better!).
  • All Captains must belong to a squad (you will be invited to one once you join the fleet!

Who doesn’t want stat boosts? Who doesn’t want a fleet of friendly but serious players willing to give newer members advice and tips?

And who doesn’t want that sweet, sweet bonus honor and chrons every day?