Apologies for the quick release – I did not expect crew matching improvements to go so quickly!

In 3.2:

  • Enhanced Crew Matching: Sheet should now match any crew that can be safely eliminated based on another Attempted Crew.
  • Sorting: Attempted and Matched crew will automatically sort to the bottom.
  • Move Attempted to Bottom check box removed.
  • Check If Using box added, which will highlight the background of the sheet in red. Useful for fleets who use a communal sheet to work nodes.
  • MobileDisplay tab: This is designed to use by fleets using communal sheets. For those users who have a difficult time with the sheet on a mobile device, this will allow them to view the highest-sorted eligible crew. Designed for those who can’t edit, but if others are keeping the sheet up to date, they can see who to try on their own (and report back through fleet communication channels).
  • Style changes: to node entry area.
  • Row/Column Checkboxes for Matching Removed: Crew Matching makes this a redundant feature, so it has been removed.
  • Attempted/Matched Key: Added to the right-column.