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Made to be Broken (Hybrid Faction/Galaxy)

Thursday, 05/02 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC) – Monday, 05/06 at Noon ET (16:00 UTC)

Event Crew: Orion Hurricane Ortegas (new) 5*, Ensign Mesk (new) 4*, and Ron Docent (existing) 4*, and recurring Mega crew Projector Spock (existing) 5*
Bonus Crew: High bonus: event crew  | small bonus: variants of Ortegas, Mesk, Docent, and crew with the ‘Animated’ trait.
Event Factions: Dominion, Klingon Empire, and Terran Empire

There are some who find the rules in organizations like Starfleet to be more guidelines than hardlines. But the consequences for crossing those lines can be dire.