v3.31 Updates

Fixed a bug in the CrewData column that was searching the trait for P5 in the P6 column Corrected Conditional Formatting on the MobileDisplay tab that was failing to cross out Attempted crew.

v3.3 Updates

Each node now includes a field to indicate which crew solved the node. Crew in this field will be treated asĀ Attempted Crew, so there is no need to include them twice. Crew that actually solve a node will be highlighted in orange on the Eligible Crew list. Because of...

v3.21 Updates

Fixed an error on the MobileDisplay tab that caused the first two Matched crew to not be marked as Matched.

v3.2 Updates

Apologies for the quick release – I did not expect crew matching improvements to go so quickly! In 3.2: Enhanced Crew Matching: Sheet should now match any crew that can be safely eliminated based on another Attempted Crew. Sorting: Attempted and Matched crew...

v3.1 Updates

Crew Matching – Crew with traits that match those in the Attempted/Ineligible column will be highlighted in blue, and grouped with the Attempted crew. THIS IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE!! This feature is extremely conservative, and doesn’t do all the checks required...